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Tips About Anal Sex

By Utimi On Jan 03, 2023
Not everyone will experience anal sex, but nearly all people will be hurt or uncomfortable when doing anal sex. Of course, once you learn some skills, it's reasonable to try anal sex and test your interest. Those skills are to ensure successful first-time testing before beginning. The guideline about anal sex skills will help you from choosing suitable lubes to applying plenty of foreplay. By following its instruction, you can enjoy anal sex with your partners without any pain. But if not, it seems to be hard to achieve!

What's anal sex? How's it feeling?

Anal sex is one kind of sex love. It is anal intercourse, analingus, and/or anal fisting between two or more people who may or may not be in a sexual relationship with each other, involving two men, two women, or one man and one woman. It's also called buttsex or booty sex. There is no natural lubrication in the anus, so lube acts as an important role in avoiding pain and tearing. The outer area around the anus-named as the perianal region-contains many nerve endings which can bring pleasant feelings when being stimulated.

When it comes to anal sex, different people have different feelings. Some feel good because there are rich nerve endings and blood vessels on the surface of the anus. In addition, its taboo nature and connection of dominance and submission attract more people. Still, others feel uncomfortable or hurt when doing anal sex. If you have never tried that, don't forget to use lubrication and start slowly.

How to start?

Start by inserting one finger into the anus, and then slowly add fingers one by one as wished. After a few minutes, you can check if the process is pleasant for your partner and if go on. Just as with any sexual activity, communication is key! Use the lube all the time, and your insertion will be easier and more smooth. Have fun and enjoy yourself! It's supported to feel good. Be sure to take it slow, otherwise, the pain will be the following feeling.

Will it lead to orgasm?

Absolutely, anal sex can lead you to orgasm. In fact, it's improved that anal stimulus is one of the normal ways for female orgasm. Although it doesn't contain much more nerve endings than the vagina and clitoris, the anus can still make you feel well. For many people, anal sex can be a pleasant experience because inserting will generate pressure and friction. However, not every time anal sex can bring orgasm for everyone. That's why you need to discuss what you want before you have sex with your partner (no matter in vaginal or anal intercourse).

Is it safe?

Anal sex is considered one of the safest sex activities, but some risks do exist. Those risks include STIs and HIV, UTIs and bacterial infections, anal fissures, and general discomfort or pain during anal sex. If you have anal sex without any protection, it's easier to have infections of STIs, which can lead to infertility or other health problems. So make sure you are always using a condom when having anal sex.

Attentions about the anal game:

Make sure that the item you use to insert has a handle or flared base. The anus usually blocks its entry and settles items in the rectum. Once you put it into the anus, you are supposed to pull it out easily. Follow the rule, otherwise, you may be another topic after a cup of tea in the local emergency room.

Try not to use a long and inflexible toy. A curved anus can't bear a straight and hard stick when you push it too deep. All long anal toys must be flexible.
Start by using a thin stick. If you aren't familiar with the anal game, please use the slender plug first. You can put your fingers one by one slowly to adjust and test the size you need. Max number of fingers is what you need.

Lubricate it or lose interest! Lubricant is necessary for any kind of anal game. The anus can't be self-lubricating like the vagina. In that, if you want to fill your anus with something, numerous lubes are required.

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