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How to use anal toys?

By Utimi On Jan 27, 2023
While most sex toys are almost always "plug and play," there are a few extra steps you need to take if you want to use anal sex toys safely and responsibly. This guide for beginners will take you through everything you need to know about using anal toys.

What is a butt plug?

An anal plug is a sex toy that is designed to fit and stay in your ass. The classic shape has a recessed neck and a flared bottom that allows the sphincter to close around it and hold it firmly in place. However, the key to any plug other than a plug is the flared base, which prevents it from going all the way into the rectum and getting lost. Unlike the vagina, the rectum is not a dead end but leads to the digestive tract. If full access is allowed, there is a danger of the rectum contracting and pulling the toy in beyond where it can be easily removed.

Utimi Adjustable Inflatable Anal Plug:

This anal vibrator allows you to explore the extreme excitement of anal sex by quickly inflating with a light push of the inflation button and then releasing your hand to stop inflation. It is designed with a safe and limited inflation size. The maximum inflation diameter is 2.76 inches / 7 cm. So you don't have to worry about over-inflation.

The P-Dot Prostate Massager has a powerful motor that provides 3 vibration levels and 7 pulse modes, from weak to strong, to bring you to a real orgasm in no time. This intense vibrating sensation will stimulate your anus, P-spot, perineum, and prostate, giving you a mechanical sexual experience that will take you on a whole new anal journey. The vibrating butt plug also massages a woman's vagina and stimulates the G-spot, giving you another kind of excitement during sex!

Button instructions for use:

1. Long press the middle of the power button for 2 seconds to turn on the machine, tap to switch the vibration frequency.

2. Long press the middle power button for 2 seconds to turn off.

3. Inflatable key long press the inflatable key continuous inflatable release suspended inflatable (long press the time according to the size of demand adjustment) maximum inflatable diameter 80mm.   

4. Deflate key Click the deflate key deflate (one-time all deflated to complete can not be suspended in the middle) deflated during the other functions keys can not be used when the deflate key red light out before other operations.

Beginners how to use correctly and not be hurt, the following are some recommendations:

Buy some lubricant

Lubricant is absolutely essential when it comes to any kind of anal penetration. The anus does not produce natural lubricants, so you will need to prepare your own. While you can use any lubricant in a pinch, anal lubricant is the way to go. Anal lubricants are thicker and last longer than regular lubricants, which makes them more effective at anal penetration. Some anal lubricants also contain numbing agents, such as benzocaine, which can numb your senses and allow you to focus more on pleasure.


The most experienced anal toy users simply wash with soap and water beforehand. Contrary to popular belief, feces are stored in your intestines, not your anus. As long as you wipe thoroughly after toileting and maintain good hygiene, there is nothing to worry about. If you're still concerned about cleanliness, you can always clean it spotlessly beforehand with an enema or anal douche.

Take a deep breath and relax

It's natural to be a little nervous - especially if this is your first time using an anal toy. But those nerves can cause your sphincter ring to contract, making it more difficult to insert your anal toy. You can relax your hips by gently teasing. Lubricate your little finger and sphincter. Slowly massage your sphincter ring until it begins to relax and open up. As you continue to massage, gradually insert your pinky finger. When your ring contracts again, stop inserting your finger and continue massaging until it opens again.

Pick up your anal toy

Once relaxed, it's toy time! Apply a generous amount of lubricant to the anal toy and sphincter. Use the tip of the toy to gently feel inside and around the sphincter. Insert the tip slowly and see how it feels. When you are ready to continue, begin moving the anal toy in small, gentle circles to create a massaging sensation. As you continue the circular motion, gently insert the toy deeper. Be sure to take your time so that your body has time to adjust. If it becomes uncomfortable, be prepared to stop. It's better to be safe than to risk hurting yourself. You can try again another day!

Once you've had some encouraging experiences with anal sex, you can expand your experience in many different ways. For men, stimulating your prostate gland (called the male P-spot) with anal plugs or other anal toys can lead to amazing orgasms that cannot be achieved any other way. For women, using an anal plug or other anal toy during intercourse or oral sex can enhance vaginal and clitoral sensations. Vibrating anal plugs can also increase this sensation. 

If you are a beginner to anal sex, using anal plugs alone at first may be a good way to get your anus ready for intercourse. There are many anal trainer kits available to help you gradually and safely get used to larger and larger anal penetrations.

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