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How to use the rose toy tutorial?

By Utimi Team On Feb 02, 2023
What is the rose toy?

If you have a TikTok account, you might likely be familiar with the rose sex toy. Taking social media by storm in 2021, the flower-shaped toy quickly rose (no pun intended) to popularity thanks to dozens of reviews from pleased vulva owners who claimed it brought them record-speed orgasms, plus helped them to squirt and experience new forms of pleasure. Let's just say there are some sex-positive queens (and kings) out there sharing some real authentic reviews. Shiny-faced and looking mighty pleased with themselves, users are flocking to TikTok to describe their experiences with the rose toy.

How does the rose sex toy work?

The rose toy uses air technology to emulate the cunnilingus – powerful suction, vibrations and a fluttering, licking sensation. Sounds great, no? It has 10 settings to flick through, from a steady rumble increasing across 6 intensities, to four different patterns buzzing. This clitoris-sucking vibrator is rechargeable and has three intensity levels plus 7 sucking modes that are supposed to mimic what cunnilingus feels like. With one click of a button, the toy's internal vibration generates rotating airflow that sucks and teases to your clitoris what some call unimaginable pleasure.

Follow these steps to get the best from your rose toy:

As with any sex toy, clean before and after use with mild antibacterial soap or sex toy cleaner. Remove any piercings or jewelry in the genital area.

Get comfy and apply lube to the toy, yourself or both! Water-based lubricant is recommended to avoid damaging sex toys.

Spread the labia slightly to expose the clitoris and enclose it with the head of the toy. Use light pressure to keep a tight seal.

Explore the different settings and enjoy!

Comfortable – While not specifically designed to be ergonomic, it's still easy to hold during solo or partnered sex – we recommend spooning or the chairman.

10 settings – Whoever said variety was the spice of life wasn't kidding. The 10 functions – six levels of intensity and four patterns – can take you from warm-up to blow-up and everywhere in between.

Quiet – While no vibrator is totally silent, this was relatively quiet and won't alert your upstairs neighbours. Although we can't promise the same when it comes to you…

Run time –Fully charged, this thing can go for 65 minutes. Trust us, you won't need that long.

Magnetic charging – The rose sex toy charges quickly using magnetic USB ports, so there're no obtrusions to spoil your playtime.

Waterproof – As mentioned, the rose toy is completely waterproof, so suitable for all your rub-a-dub adventures.

I guess what we're saying is it gets you there, and it gets you there fast. We can't say we were timing it (way to kill the mood) but trust us. Get this, and you will get the most crazy sex experiences.

Try a variety of modes, there is always a mode for you. >>https://utimi.com/products/rose-clitoral-suction-stimulator
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