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Love Kiki Reviews 5 Must-Try Toys from Utimi's New Amazon Store

By Utimi Team On Jan 30, 2024
We are excited to bring you a review of five must-try toys from Utimi, as presented by popular YouTube lingerie reviewer Love Kiki.

The video
*Experimenting Is Fun // Utimi Sex Toy Review
In this video, Love Kiki provides an in-depth review of five toys from Utimi's new Amazon store. She demonstrates how each toy works, highlights its unique features, and shares her personal experience with each one. Love Kiki's bubbly personality and expertise in the world of intimate products make this video both informative and entertaining. 

⚫ - Purple Wireless Nipple Clamps + Clitoral Clamps

Wireless, don't worry about wires obstructing you
2. Adjustable screws, no longer worry about too tight or too loose
3. Made of silicone, more comfortable
4. with 3 clips, you can also clip clitoris, ears and any other places that can bring pleasure.
5. Low noise

⚫- Transparent Press Masturbator

1. Highly transparent, users can see the cock inside, bringing visual stimulation (many men like this feeling)
2. Pressable shell, autonomous control of the package feeling, after 50 men's test, press to bring a better experience
3. Internal particles to increase stimulation

⚫ - APP Remote Control Clip Clitoral G-Spot Stimulator

1.Can stimulate the clitoris and G-spot
2. APP remote control, touch the phone screen can also adjust the vibration frequency, suitable for couples interaction
3.The golden shells are magnets and can be removed so that it can be fixed on top of the panties
4. Waterproof, can be rinsed at will, also can be used in the shower
5. Low noise

⚫ - Anal Vibrators Male Butt Plug 

1. Stimulates the prostate
2. Connected cock ring for longer lasting and pleasure.
3. Can be used by a single person or a couple
4. Fully charged can last up to one hour

⚫- Green Clitoral G-Spot Vibrator

1. 6 tapping and 7 vibration modes .
2.Dual clitoral and G-spot stimulation, can also be used on nipples and anal.
3. waterproof, rinse at will, also can be used in the shower
4. It can change shape by hand, can be bent and straightened.
5. Low noise

We hope you have enjoyed this review of five must-try toys from Utimi's store, as presented by Love Kiki.
These toys offer unique features and benefits that are sure to enhance your intimate experiences.
We invite you to explore these products further by visiting the links provided and considering adding them to your collection.
As always, we value your feedback and would love to hear your thoughts on these toys or any others you have tried. Thank you for reading, and happy exploring!
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