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How to Put on a Chastity Cage?

By Utimi On Dec 14, 2022
Preparing to Wear a Chastity Cage

When you are ready to put on a chastity cage, the most important thing to do beforehand is to thoroughly clean everything. The cage may stay on for a long time, so you need to ensure your penis is prepared.

Measuring for a Chastity Cage:

Wrap a thin, non-elastic string around the base of your penis to measure its circumference.
Divide the circumference by 3.14 to get the diameter.
Choose a ring slightly smaller or similar to the measured diameter. (Too loose, and the ring might fall off; too tight, and it will be uncomfortable to wear.)
Example: If the circumference is 5.5"/14cm, the ring diameter is 5.5"/3.14=1.75" or 14cm/3.14=4.45cm.

This measurement method is for reference only.

How to Install a Chastity Ring:

1,Put on the adjustable ring and adjust it to the right size.
2,Align the hole on the adjustable ring and insert the locking pin.
3,Use a spacer to secure the adjustable ring. Adjust the distance between the ring and the cage, with three options available.
4,Attach the cock cage and connect it with the spacer.
5,Lock the chastity cage.

Example: Installing Utimi Cock Cage:

For more male chastity cages from Utimi:Individuals and couples looking for female or male chastity devices will find a wide selection at Utimi. We offer custom sizes to ensure the best fit for the wearer. Our chastity devices push the boundaries of male chastity style and functionality to meet the needs of our unique clientele.

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