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God Says: Masturbation is a Sin? Let's Dive Into Christian and Scientific Perspectives

By Albert Zhou On Jun 05, 2024
God says: Masturbation is a sin?

Masturbation is a topic that has elicited varied opinions among Christians throughout history.

The question of whether it is a sin is complex, primarily because the Bible does not explicitly mention masturbation.

This ambiguity leads to diverse interpretations and teachings within the Christian community.


Historical Christian Perspectives
Let's take a walk through history to see how different Christian leaders and groups have viewed masturbation over the years.

Early on, Christian teachings were pretty clear: anything outside of making babies within marriage wasn't cool.

For example, a really old church leader named Clement of Alexandria, way back in the 2nd century, basically said that sex is for having kids and nothing else.

He didn't specifically call out masturbation, but his message was that any other kind of sexual activity didn't fit the bill.

As time went on, this view didn't really change.

By the time we got to the Middle Ages, Christian thinkers were even more outspoken about it. A monk named John Cassian, who lived around the 400s, was one of the first to label masturbation explicitly as a type of wrongdoing that needed to be avoided.

Later on, a guy named Peter Damian in the 11th century wrote a whole paper about how bad he thought masturbation was, and even the Pope at the time gave it a thumbs up.

These guys, and many others like them, were pretty straightforward: they believed that any sexual activity, including masturbation, should only happen within the context of marriage and only for having children.

They thought that doing otherwise was against God's plan and, therefore, a sin.

So, historically speaking, Christian leaders have been pretty consistent in saying that masturbation isn't something you should be doing if you want to keep things right according to traditional Christian values.

Biblical Arguments and Interpretations
Alright, let's dive into what the Bible has to say about masturbation.

Now, it's tricky because the Bible never says "masturbation" straight up. But, there are a few spots where people think it gives us some clues on what to think about it.
First off, there's this story about a guy named Onan in Genesis.

The big takeaway that some folks get from this story is that Onan did something wrong sexually, and God wasn't happy about it.
Even though what Onan did isn't exactly masturbation, some people think this story kind of points in that direction.
Then, we have the New Testament, where things get a bit clearer in terms of general sexual behavior.

There are verses like in 1 Corinthians where it says your body isn't just yours if you're married—it belongs to your spouse too.
hat means sharing your sexuality with your spouse, not just by yourself.
Another big point comes from letters like Galatians and Colossians where it talks about living by the Spirit and not just doing whatever our body wants.

It's like saying, "Hey, we've got to control our urges and live in a way that's lined up with what God wants."
Now, here’s the deal with lust. The Bible is pretty clear that lusting after someone is a no-go.

Jesus even said if you're just looking at someone and thinking those thoughts, it's as bad as cheating. So, if masturbation involves those kinds of thoughts, which it often can, that's where it might fall into the sin category according to the Bible.
Basically, while the Bible doesn’t call out masturbation by name, it talks a lot about keeping our sexual lives in check and making sure our actions and thoughts are clean.

So, if you're trying to line up with what the Bible teaches, it suggests keeping a tight rein on sexual thoughts and activities, pointing us towards sharing that part of our lives within marriage and not just going solo.


Modern Christian Views
Now, let’s talk about what Christians today think about masturbation.

It’s a mixed bag, honestly. The views have shifted quite a bit compared to the past, and there’s a lot of back and forth on whether it’s actually a sin.
First up, a bunch of modern Christians and even some church leaders are like, “Hey, the Bible doesn’t specifically say masturbation is bad.”

They point out that there’s no clear verse condemning it, so they argue we shouldn’t be too quick to slap a sin label on it.

They suggest that maybe we need to think twice before adding extra rules that aren't directly in the Bible.
Then there’s this verse in Colossians that some people bring up a lot.

It basically says why are you following these strict, human-made rules about “Do not handle! Do not taste! Do not touch!” when it comes to things that aren't even mentioned in the Bible?

This makes some folks say, “Hold up, maybe we’re being too harsh or too strict by calling masturbation a sin when it’s not spelled out that way in the scripture.”
On the flip side, a lot of Christians still hold to the idea that even if masturbation isn’t named as a sin, it often involves lustful thoughts, which the Bible definitely talks about as being wrong.

They argue that if masturbation is tied up with lust, then it’s not something we should be cool with.
Also, there’s a big conversation about self-control.

The Bible talks a lot about controlling our desires and living a life that’s led by spiritual values rather than just doing whatever feels good in the moment.

So, some argue that part of being a good Christian is showing self-control, including in our sexual lives.
In the end, the conversation about masturbation in modern Christianity is really about trying to balance what the Bible teaches about purity and self-control with not adding extra rules that the Bible doesn’t explicitly state.

It’s about reading the Bible carefully and living out our faith in ways that make sense in today’s world without losing the core of what Christianity teaches about sexual morality.


What does modern science say?

The Science Behind Masturbation
let’s break down what’s actually going on with your body when you masturbate.

It’s not just about feeling good; there’s a whole bunch of science stuff happening under the hood.
First off, when you get into it, your brain starts firing up like a Christmas tree. It releases a bunch of chemicals that make you feel awesome.

The big players here are dopamine and oxytocin. Dopamine is like your brain’s own personal cheerleader—it gets you excited and gives you a sense of pleasure.

Oxytocin, often called the ‘cuddle hormone,’ makes you feel all relaxed and content. It’s the same hormone that pops up when you’re hugging someone or when moms are bonding with their babies.
But it’s not just your brain that’s getting a workout.

Your whole body gets into the action. Your heart rate goes up, your breathing gets faster, and your muscles might tense up. This is all part of getting to what’s called the ‘sexual response cycle,’ which is a fancy way of describing the steps your body goes through when you’re getting turned on and having an orgasm.
And then, the big finish—orgasm.

This is when all the built-up tension from the sexual excitement phase gets released in a few seconds of what most folks would call a pretty good time.

It’s like hitting the reset button for your body and mind.
Afterward, you enter what’s called the resolution phase, where everything calms down, and you might feel that glowy, relaxed feeling.
Now, why does any of this matter?

Well, all these processes—especially the flood of hormones—have some cool side effects for your health.

They can help chill you out when you’re feeling stressed, make it easier to catch some zzz’s, and keep various parts of your body running smoothly.
So, next time you’re in the mood and decide to give yourself some love, remember, it’s not just fun; it’s also a whole body workout that’s got some legit benefits for your health. Pretty cool, right?


Social and Relationship Benefits

Now, let's chat about how masturbation isn't just a solo act with personal perks—it can actually play a pretty cool role in your social and romantic life too.

Yeah, it might sound a bit weird at first, but hear me out!
First up, knowing your own body through masturbation can make you more confident in your skin.

When you're comfortable with what turns you on and know how to get yourself to that happy place, it shows.

This confidence can make you more approachable and self-assured, not just in romantic relationships, but in social situations too.
In relationships, this self-knowledge can be a total game-changer.

Think about it: if you know what you like, you can better communicate that to your partner. This opens up a whole new level of intimacy because you’re both in the know about what gets the other going.

It's like giving your partner a roadmap to your pleasure points. Plus, being open about these things can build trust and make your connection even stronger.
But it’s not just about better sex.

Masturbation can take some pressure off your relationship too.

When you've got a healthy solo sex life, you're not always relying on your partner to meet all your physical needs.

This can be super helpful during times when your partner isn't feeling up to it, or if you’re dealing with long-distance relationship challenges.

It's like having a personal stress reliever that keeps you from putting too much pressure on your partner.
And here’s something else: if both partners are into exploring themselves, it can lead to a more balanced relationship where both are equally invested in mutual satisfaction.

It’s not just one person’s needs over the other; it’s about sharing what you both like and finding fun ways to make bedroom time exciting.
Lastly, masturbation can be a healthy way to deal with physical needs without complicating things, especially for younger folks or those who aren’t ready to jump into the complexities of a sexual relationship.

It’s a safe way to explore your sexuality without the emotional or physical risks that can come with sexual relationships.
So, yeah, while it might seem like just a personal thing, masturbation has some pretty sweet social and relationship benefits.

It’s all about boosting your confidence, improving communication with your partner, and keeping both you and your relationships healthy and happy.


Physical Health Benefits
Alright, let’s talk about how giving yourself a little TLC can actually do wonders for your body. I mean, who knew that a bit of self-love could be like hitting the gym for your health?
1. Stress Relief

First off, let’s get into how masturbation helps you chill out.

When you’re getting down with yourself, your body releases a bunch of endorphins—those are your brain’s feel-good chemicals.

These little guys help to lower your stress levels, kind of like what you feel after a good workout or a hearty laugh.

It’s a natural way to let off some steam and get your relaxation on.
2. Sleep Like a Baby

Ever have trouble hitting the hay?

Well, masturbation might just be the ticket to snoozeville.

That’s because after you climax, your body is pretty much in relaxation overload, which can help you drift off easier.

So next time you're tossing and turning, a little solo session might just be better than counting sheep.
3. Boost Your Immune System

Yep, you heard that right.

Getting busy with yourself might actually help keep you from getting sick.

Some studies suggest that sexual arousal and orgasms increase levels of certain immune-boosting substances, like immunoglobulin A.

It’s like giving your body’s defense system a little pep talk.
4. Heart Health

Here’s a fun fact: regular sexual activity, including masturbation, can be good for your heart.

It gets your blood pumping and can help maintain healthy cardiovascular function.

Think of it as cardio but way more fun.
5. Pain Relief

Got a headache or some aches and pains?

Masturbation might help with that too.

Those endorphins that reduce stress also double as your body’s natural pain relievers.

It’s a bit like your body hitting its own natural morphine button.
6. Prostate Health and Menstrual Relief

For the guys, regular ejaculation through masturbation might lower the risk of prostate cancer.

For the ladies, it can help relieve menstrual cramps.

It’s all about releasing tension and keeping things flowing smoothly in your reproductive systems.
7. Sexual Health

Besides all these, masturbation helps you stay familiar with your own body’s responses and needs, which is key to a healthy sex life.

It can improve your sexual stamina and function by letting you explore what feels good without pressure.

Plus, it’s a safe way to satisfy your needs without the risks that come with sexual partners, like STDs or unplanned pregnancies.
So, next time you decide to spend some quality time with yourself, remember, it’s not just fun;

you’re also doing your body a whole bunch of good.

Keep it healthy, keep it safe, and let the good times roll!

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God  VS  Modern Science 
Alright, let’s wrap this up!

We’ve taken a good look at how masturbation is seen from both the Christian side and what the science folks have to say.
And boy, it's like two different worlds, right?

On one hand, we’ve got religious views that often say, "Hold up, maybe this isn’t the best idea," focusing on spiritual purity and following certain teachings.

On the other hand, science is giving us the thumbs-up, showing us all the good stuff that comes with masturbation, like stress relief, better sleep, and keeping our bodies humming healthily.
So, where does that leave us?

Well, it's not just a black-and-white issue.

It's about mixing the colors to find your own shade of grey.

If your faith is a big part of your life, you might lean towards the teachings of your religion, and that’s totally cool.

It’s about staying true to what feels right for you spiritually and what helps you live a life you’re proud of.
But if you're more about the scientific angle and you're nodding along to the health benefits, then hey, that's cool too.

It's awesome to know that something that feels good can also be good for you, right?

And if it helps you deal with life's stresses and keeps you healthy, why not?
The best part?

It's all up to you.

Every person’s journey is different, and what works for one might not work for another.

That's the beauty of being human. We get to choose, learn, and grow as we go along. So, what do you think?

Where do you stand on this?

Are there ways both of these perspectives can fit into your life, or do you find yourself leaning one way more than the other?
Let’s keep this conversation going.

Whether it's chatting with friends, discussing it in a forum, or even doing some more reading, let's stay curious and open.

After all, the more we talk and learn, the better we understand ourselves and each other. What’s your take on all this?

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