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Independent Testing Program

Making independent and honest voices work

Making independent and honest voices work

What Is The UTIMI Independent Testing Program?
UTIMI Independent Testing Program invites the most professional and trustworthy testing experts to participate in the testing of each sex toy and publish professional testing reports. Each sex toy of UTIMI is tested by professional players distributed all over the world, receives their unanimous recommendation, and is evaluated and judged to be excellent by the platform before it is put up for sale. Join the UTIMI Independent Testing Program, and you can test every new product on the platform for free!
How To Join The UTIMI Independent Testing Program?
The following are some of the prerequisites for participation in the UTIMI Independent Testing Program:

You must be a registered UTIMI member.
You must have successfully completed at least 1 testing assignment of UTIMI products (sold on Amazon) in the Free Testing section.

If you meet the above prerequisites, please click Contact Us and we will complete your review within 24 hours of receiving your application. Once approved, you will be able to test every new product for free!
How Does It Work?
After your application is approved, you will be the testing expert of the platform. You can apply for the testing task marked as "EXPERT VOICE" in the Free Testing section. The platform will send you the testing products after the application is approved. After receiving the test product, please conduct a comprehensive test on the product, including but not limited to the packaging, product design, production process, product materials, product convenience, and product use effect, etc., and provide fair, independent and honest feedback on these test contents.

The way to submit test reports is My Account --> My Testing --> Submit Report. Your test report will be displayed in the review section of the product detail page. Every user can see your test report, and your test report will determine whether the product can continue to sell. According to the platform rules, to get the unanimous recommendation of the test experts is one of the prerequisites of whether the product can continue to sell. To provide users with adult toys through professional test and recommendation is our mission.
Test experts participating in the UTIMI Independent Testing Program must submit test reports within 7 days of receiving the product, otherwise your test qualification will be affected. Test experts who repeatedly fail to submit test reports on time or repeatedly publish non-compliant content in test reports will be removed from the UTIMI Independent Testing Program!

Test reports must be objective, fair and honest, and must include the complete test experience content. The whole content should be no less than 500 characters, and be accompanied by pictures and videos.

If you have any questions, please contact us or send an Email to: [email protected]
The final right to explain this activity belongs to UTIMI.