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Good Design With A Few Flaws

By Slash R On Oct 12, 2023
Red Racer - 10 Rotating Thrust Masturbator
4.8 out of 5
17 Reviews
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Slash R
Product Function:
The product functions well. I had no issue operating it. But I was expecting different speed settings.
Product Design:
I thought design was subpar, especially because there's a gap between where you drop the lube and the head. So aiming the lube is difficult.
Product Packaging:
Packaging was great, no issue with it. It was discreet enough.
Delivery speed:
Delivery was fine, no issue with it. Received it fast.
Easy to use, functions like it should , good battery life
Needs more slow speed options, lube placement isn't easy
In summary, my trial with the Red Racer has been fairly satisfactory. I've encountered superior fleshlight toys, and this one didn't stand out as the most robust option. Nevertheless, there are areas for potential enhancement, especially when it comes to adjusting speed settings and optimizing lube placement. Setting aside these two aspects, I believe this product could suit the needs of many users. I'm particularly eager to see a version that provides a broader spectrum of mode settings, with a focus on speed variability rather than just the type of thrust.
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