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Maybe a better product for Lesbian sex?

By matthew williamson On May 15, 2024
Would you recommend it to Beginner? Intermediate? Advanced?
I would not recommend it to a beginner or Intermediate. I feel like it is difficult to thrust the product due to how much it bends. There is so much difficult with the angles also due to this. It would be too big for a beginner also would not know to properly or could endure the product if used anally. I feel like there is also a lot going on with so many vibrations at once and when you are trying to get going its actually more challenging. I would maybe recommend to an advanced user if they had experience with different material dildos that are similar to this one. They may have sex ramps, sex swings that may help with play. There is def a lot going on with all the vibrations that they may be ok with. I feel like they'd also prefer a harder material during insertion however.
Other users should buy the product if he/she...
Is experienced with softer toys
Enjoys vibration with insertion
Wants the user to also feel vibration from a dildo simultaneously
wants a thicker strap-on
Other users should NOT buy the product if he/she...
Used for pegging
not experienced with anal
Not experienced with a strap on
matthew williamson
Product Function:
The concept was really good: A vibrating strap on with dildos for wearer and receiver. IHowever I feel like in real life use the receiver's dildo is far too bendy for pegging. Ky jelly will already have to be used so it bends making insertion quite difficult. While there is a remote, I feel like the buttons on the dildos are awkward to reach. The buttons on the remote interact inefficently when trying to turn the vibration off. The vibration itself is really good and if you can get it where it needs to go, it would be great.
Product Design:
I feel like the overall ideas around the product are good. The dildo for the user and the way that it screws into the strap are great designs. The button placement on the dildos are harder to find in the moment and are awkward to reach. The actual dildo is just too soft of a material to be able to insert without slipping around.
Product Packaging:
The packaging was really nice, neat, and compact. I was surprised on how small the box was and that it was able to fit all of the pieces into it. It is great for easy storage.
Delivery speed:
The product came within 5 days and amazed with how quickly it travels to my location. I wish it didnt go through USPS ultimately after being transferred from UPS bc they often deliever wherever they feel like it, hold it extra days, but it still arrives in a really good amount of time.
vibration for user and receiver
thicker dildo
has remote
easy storage
too bendy
difficult for anal insertion
difficult button placement on dildos
Remote not as responsive as it could be
I was kind of disappointed in this product. Insertion anally was just far too difficult with such bendy material and with an area that requires ky jelly it is just impossible. It slips around too much and just isnt practical. The button placement on the dildos were just real difficult to find in the moment and were akward trying to turn off the vibrations. It just ended up ruining the mood fighting with it. Perhaps this product could be better used for lesbian sex or someone highly experienced. I feel like the idea behind the product is great bc a vibrating strap on for both the user and receiver is an excellent idea, but the execution just made it not so functional for pegging. I consider myself an intermediate as I have used several strap ons, dildos, and anal toys, but just couldnt make this one work. All in all I feel like this product could be greatly improved and hope that maybe someone will implement my suggestions.
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