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Double strap on

By Michael Holmes On May 14, 2024
Would you recommend it to Beginner? Intermediate? Advanced?
While this product is fairly easy to use I would t exactly say it’s a beginners level would/will take a little practice using to get down a rhythm for maximum pleasure for both the wearer and the person it’s being used on while a beginner maybe able to use it, I would guess not as effectively as someone with a some experience
Other users should buy the product if he/she...
Strap on
Small dildo
Anal play
Other users should NOT buy the product if he/she...
Larger dildo
Girths dildo
Michael Holmes
Product Function:
Good quality product the removability of the dildos makes it easier to clean, charge and store. The remote makes it easy to cycle thru the modes while in use
Product Design:
Over great design, with multiple ways to position the dildos for use to accomidate different styles of use
Product Packaging:
Very nicely pack looked very professional and upscale boxing
Delivery speed:
Recieved it just a couple days after it was shipped
Not to big or small
Need a to have upgradable option for bigger attachments
Very nice product, great for both party’s using it overall it’s good quality and well designed for multiple uses and styles the included dildos are on the smaller side and would be a good place to start with anal play. The harness is adjustable and with some practice should be easy enough for most people learn or figure out how to use. Quick charging time and easy clean up makes this a must have to start exploring anal play and pegging. The one option I would like to see in the future is some larger upgrades for the attachments for more experienced users
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