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High quality bondage gear

By JD Wright On May 08, 2024
Amusement Park - BDSM Mask Collar Leash Set
4.6 out of 5
17 Reviews
Would you recommend it to Beginner? Intermediate? Advanced?
High quality feel and a lot of fun. Advanced players will probably want something that more fully covers all sight, but otherwise it works great
Other users should buy the product if he/she...
Wants a premium feeling bondage set
Is interested in trying out collars and blindfolds
Other users should NOT buy the product if he/she...
Is looking for full blackout for sensory play
JD Wright
Product Function:
The leash and collar are both well made and work great. The blindfold also feels great, but the rivers are placed in a way that stiffens the bridge of the nose in an unfortunate way, and the stuffiness of the material means there's a pretty big gap at the bottom that lets in light.
Product Design:
Very high end looking and solid feeling. We love the weight of the chain in particular.
Product Packaging:
Packaging was clean looking and felt professional and high end
Delivery speed:
Delivery had no issues. We received it as expected
Premium feel
Looks snazzy
Well made
Great weight to chain
Stiffness leads to gaps in fit
Not the most comfortable at the bridge of the nose
Overall a well built and premium feeling product. The leather feel adds a sense of luxury and the colors and design are excellent. The blindfold will have gaps that let through light due to the stiffer design, and the placement of the rivets above the nose lead to some added stiffness there that make it less comfortable than it could be. The collar fits great and is easily adjustable and the chain and leash have a great weight to them that led to increased sensory play. A great set for someone exploring bondage
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