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Blows you away!

By Bryan Harrington On Oct 31, 2023
Red Racer - 10 Rotating Thrust Masturbator
4.8 out of 5
17 Reviews
Would you recommend it to Beginner? Intermediate? Advanced?
This thing is perfect for all levels of users. A pretty basic toy that provides exquisite sensations for all levels!
Other users should buy the product if he/she...
Want a masturbator that will get you off.
Are looking for something to blow their world!
Other users should NOT buy the product if he/she...
Donu2019t have enough storage space. This product is kind of big.
Bryan Harrington
Product Function:
This thing works so well that you’ll have your mind blown in less than five minutes. I’m not sure if it’ll even take you two minutes. The speed and intensity levels that you can switch through our amazing. And the feel of the sleeve is out of this world. I was not expecting this from this toy, but the caliber of the sensations is out of this world!
Product Design:
It’s a little big, but it was well thawed out. Everything from the way you can hold it to where the controls are and how you can. Disassemble it for cleaning are perfect for every day use.
Product Packaging:
Very plain discrete packaging on the outside. Came in a black box. Inside the box. The product was packaged well and secured for safety.
Delivery speed:
Took a little long to get to me, but when I ordered it, it came straight from China. So Shipping times are to be expected.
Great product!
Eye twitching, mind blowing orgasms
Size is a little big. Canu2019t really do much about that with the motors and the sleeves.
Construction is made of plastic, which felt a little bit cheap. Could be covered in silicone.
I really love this toy! I would buy this over and over again after knowing the sensations that it provides. I wasn’t expecting it to be so good, but after leaving it up and using it, I’ll never go back. I recommend this toy for anybody looking to have their shaft, massaged, and away that they’ve never experienced. if you’re looking for mind blowing, I twitching orgasms, then look no further, this toy is for you. I would recommend this for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users alike. Not sure how it would do if you had a more curved shaft, as mine is pretty straight.
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