10 Reasons Every Coupls Should Incorporate Sex Toys

1. Better Sex – Sex toys help couples experiment with new positions and experiences they wouldn’t otherwise try.

2. Better Orgasms – 75% of women can’t reach orgasm with penetration alone. Add a sex toy and bam!

3. Less Pressure – Introducing sex toys will reduce the pressure many feel to perform.

4. Both Partners can Play – Many sex toys are made for couples. But even ones that aren’t can be enjoyed together. Who doesn’t like a good vibe?

5. Sets the Mood – Sex toys are a great form of foreplay. Satisfy your partner, or watch them satisfy themselves.

6. Conversation Starter – Sex toys are a great ice breaker to start talking about your sex life.

7. Long Distance Love – Sex toys are so advanced now, many are smart phone compatible. You can pleasure your partner even when you’re apart.

8. Get a Bit Naughty – Introducing sex toys allow s you to explore your sexual side, things could get a little naughty!

9. Improved Relationship – Sex toys require communication and trust, therefore, you’ll reconnect on a different level.

10. Longer Sex – Many sex toys are designed to help him last longer and help her reach a stronger orgasm… that’s enough for me!

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huffyhills February 28, 2019

Yes toys are great! Don’t wait until your in your sixty’s like the wife and I. Now we have several but we have favorites. They have really opened our eyes to much more passion and pleasure. As always communication is key, before and after. :) nice web site

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