Utimi Male's Manual Operating Vacuum Pump Masturbation Tool With Water Based Clean Lubricant

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Utimi-Males-Manual-Operating-Vacuum-Pump-and-Enhancer-for-Penis-Exercise-Masturbation-Tool-with-Scale-Mark-A-2 Help penis'erection, make the penis thicker and longer
Utimi-Males-Manual-Operating-Vacuum-Pump-and-Enhancer-for-Penis-Exercise-Masturbation-Tool-with-Scale-Mark-A-4 Material: APS&ABS&TPE
Size: 8.94*2.64*2.64 inches
Length: 24.61 inches(straw)
Utimi-Males-Manual-Operating-Vacuum-Pump-and-Enhancer-for-Penis-Exercise-Masturbation-Tool-with-Scale-Mark-A-3 Utimi-Males-Manual-Operating-Vacuum-Pump-and-Enhancer-for-Penis-Exercise-Masturbation-Tool-with-Scale-Mark-A-6 Utimi-Males-Manual-Operating-Vacuum-Pump-and-Enhancer-for-Penis-Exercise-Masturbation-Tool-with-Scale-Mark-A-5


Comfortable and soft entry for penis, made of soft and elastic TPE


Accurate barometer,easy and safe to operate. Precise scale mark to see the enlargement of penis


Manually operated and freely control. Delicately design and durable in use


The pressurized pump for penis exercise is the leading product on the market for its accuracy and performance. This style of penis pump uses a pressure gauge to give male friends the most control over their erections. It's an effective tool for prolonging the time of premature ejaculation and enlarging the penis. This is a very powerful and safe product for penis exercise. You deserve to be much stronger!

Material: APS&ABS&TPE
Size: 8.94*2.64*2.64 inches
Length: 24.61 inches(straw)
Weight: 23.67 oz
Negative air(max): -0.17 bar
Color: black