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Utimi Testing Project Application
In order to improve our user experience, we invite you to Join Utimi Testing Project to test our sex toys at free basis.

Step 1: Choose One Product You Love


198 Applied


Sku: 3488610

Choose the brand new training product for you and your partner, andenjoy more fun together ! By gradually helping erection strength, sizeand sensitivity, it will be easier for you to climb up the extraordinaryclimax and bring her the same pleasure that you can experience!

Masturbation Vibrators

100 Applied


Sku: 3682471

Use Utimi masturbation toys to immerse yourself in high-intensity entertainment, With the adjustable wings and the vibration function,teasing your partner's sensitive body parts or bumping against the smooth silicone toys for extra stimulation during sex.

Anal Vibrator Sex Toy

118 Applied


Sku:  3639644

10 Powerful Vibration Modes-This P-spot massager has 3 vibration levels with 7 pulses modes from weak to strong patterns that could take you to the very orgasms real soon.

Vibrating Dildo

98 Applied


Sku: 3560561

Multiple Stimulation: With 5 thrusting modes, 7 licking modes and 7 vibrating modes, vibrating dildo stimulates your G-spot

Vibrating Butt Plug

85 Applied


Sku: 3677945

This glass toy features a cone but smooth tip for maximum comfort and pleasure use experience.A decorative flared base prevents over insertion.

Double Sided Anal Plug

99 Applied


Sku: 3673481

There are 7 equally sized spiral beads on the one end, and 6 variously sized beads on the other end, which provides wavy stimulation.  Good manufacturing process makes the anus plug completely waterproof for easily cleaning.

Step 2: Contact Us By Filling The Form

Please fill your name, sku of product and your email into form below .

p.s.: Please enter your name without adding a space bar. e.g. UtimiSexToys




*If the product you wanna test is not in the above list, Please send application email with product Sku to: 

Step3: We Will Email You Back

 Utimi team will reply you within 24 hours with more instructions, thank you for supporting the Utimi Testing Project.

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