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Utimi Testing Project Application
In order to improve our user experience, we invite you to Join Utimi Testing Project to test our sex toys at free basis.
*If the product you wanna test is not in the list below, Please contact us for more free-testing Products by mailing 

Step 1: Choose One Product You Love

UTIMI Wand Personal Massager


Sku: 3743519

Why not get a portable wand massager in the comfort of your own home or office? The Utimi handheld massager provides various deep tissue massage experiences like that of a real masseuse, and this muscle massage vibrator has proven to relieve muscle pain and improve blood circulation.

Vibrating Nipple Suckers with Tongue


Sku: 3748266

2021 New Nipple Toys is coming!-- After comprehensive market research and the cooperation of the R&D team, we finally designed a nipple massager suitable for most women. Multifunctional Nipple stimulator combines vibration, and suction in one, meet all your expectations. 10 frequency vibrations deeply massage your breasts, to provide you with the greatest pleasure.

Restraints Kit


Sku: 3652434

Multifunctional Design - Ties and forcibly separates legs, while restrains hands and ankles to make your partner totally exposed under you, thereby immediately arousing your pleasure and excitement.

Prostate Massager


Sku: 3726532

As a kind of anal plug toys, prostate massage can improve local blood circulation, suitable for most people to use;5 vibration frequency & 5 kinds of ball button mode;The massager can be used not only as male anal vibrator, but also as female G-spot vibrator.

Vibrating Butt Plug


Sku: 3677945

This glass toy features a cone but smooth tip for maximum comfort and pleasure use experience.A decorative flared base prevents over insertion.

UTIMI Mouth Gag Plug Inflatable


Sku: 3750579

UTIMI Mouth Gag Plug Inflatable - Liquid Silicone Ball with Adjustable Detachable Needle BDSM

UTIMI Masturbation Sleeve Toy with Realistic Vagina and Mouth


Sku: 3489204

Perfect Blowjob and Vaginal - The vaginal structure was modelled after a real woman, including a realistic bumpy texture that brings unrivalled penile stimulation. Not only that, the opposite end is a realistic mouth with lips, teeth, and throat. Change up your session with two options in one.

Vibrating Cock Rings


Sku: 3694285

Utimi Vibrating Cock Rings Silicone Love Rings Dual-motor Penis Ring with Remote Control.

Nipple Clamps


Sku: 3718028

Utimi Nipple & Clitoral Clamps Nipple Clip Clitoris Clamps with 10 Vibration Modes.

Utimi Male Chastity Cage


Sku: 3705099

It is available for 6 sizes, you can freely choose the tightness according to your needs.

Inflatable Butt Plug


Sku: 3590808

Any excessive air pressure will be automatically be released if it exceeds the recommended psi, guaranteeing safe play.

Butt Plug Anal Sex Toys


Sku: 3566942

3 Powerful Motors: Stimulates your private parts strongly and triggers the extreme ecstasy, bringing you unexpected pleasure.

Utimi Strap-on Dildo with 3 Removeable Silicone Dildos


Sku: 3683093

Hollow Strap-on Set Dildo Pants,SM Sex Toys for Men and Women, Female Massage Masturbation Toys Strap on Harness Dildos for Women & Lesbian Couples

Utimi 3 in 1 G Spot Finger Vibrator


Sku: 3708760

Dual cock rings strengthen your erection, the Testes Rings can delay ejaculation and enhance arousal, making your glory time more long-lasting.

Utimi Vibrating Male Masturbator Electric Masturbation Cup


Sku: 3682471 

An ideal Masturbation Toy for couples, with the adjustable wings and vibrating function, it meets many different needs of size or intensity.

Utimi Upgraded Sex Swing


Sku: 3694446 

The Hanging Swing can be installed securely on any ceiling, wooden beam, and is fully adjustable for wild sex exploration night after night.Fixing the On-door Swing on any closed household door, you can enjoy confident vertical bonking without getting too tired!

Butt Plug 15.7" Fox Tai


Sku: 3020844

Perfect Anal Plug for Cosplay- With the faux fox tail of soft touch,experience the sexual pleasure of cosplaying a bunny girl

Utimi Sex Bondages


Sku: 3646127 

Suitable for most of mattresses. Easy to fix on the bed alone. Adjustable design offers comfortable restraint. Fine webbing is for reinforcing or creating other usages.

Utimi Wrist Ankle Cuffs


Sku: 3647793

Adjustable & Flexible - The Cross Bondage boasts slidable knot for totally adjusting, meeting most of size demands

Utimi Anal Plug Double Sided


Sku: 3673481

There are 7 equally sized spiral beads on the one end, and 6 variously sized beads on the other end, which provides wavy stimulation.

Anal Beads


Sku: 2570121

10 various levels of vibration modes, offer multiple choices and sensation for your charge and assignment, one button promotes you quickly reach to the climax

UTIMI 9.0" Realistic Thrusting Vibrating Dildo


Sku: 3697257

9 inch Dildo - 7.5"/19cm insertable length, coming with independently controlled tongue licking and thrusting modes, the Lifelike Penis can simultaneously tease the clitoris, the U-spot, the G-spot, causing rapid uterine contractions to experience the deepest stimulation.

Utimi Rabbit Vibrator Sex G Spot Clitoris Stimulation Adult Toys


Sku: 3636608

Perfectly sized intimate Rabbit Vibrator is suitable for sex toy beginners and ideal for foreplay and solo play.Different colors and hardness on the tips of curved shaft and rabbit vibrator, bringing unprecedented pleasure to your G-spot and clitoris.e restraint.

Mouth Gag with Breast Nipple Clip


Sku: 2463938

Adjustable clamp with the screw, feel comfortable without the pressure.
Compact and lightweight, convenient to carry around.

Utimi Fetish Eye Mask


Sku: 2516008

High-quality and soft ribbon eye shadow, odor free and body safe.

10 Speed G-Spot Vibrator


Sku: 2416314

Superior medical grade ABS and silicone, safe, odourless and skin-friendly.

Butt Plug


Sku: 2406359

Convenient retrieval ring to pull them out. Separate round balls, more comfortable sex pleasure.

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