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Our Happy Customers

Such joy, such pleasure!

This little thing has brought vast amounts of pleasure to our home. Works well, battery lasts long, and the material is super nice. The shape is what it is and if penetration is something you want/need that may be helpful, but we use it mainly for external stimulation for which it works perfect.

Just Try Honesty

She cums hard!

PurchaseThis is one of the toys she likes when she is warming up or stuck in an orgasm. It's a good size with powerful vibrations. Strong clitoral stimulation.

Alicia Robertson

Hope everyone else enjoys it like I have!

I was looking through old orders and realized I bought this in 2015 to replace one I was disappointed with but highly anticipated. I still use this one to this day. It's definitely my favorite one out of the ones I have. It's a pro, always gets the job done. It could be considered loud, but I genuinely don't have that problem because I never have to use the highest immensity. Hope everyone else enjoys it like I have!

Good cuffs!

This is a pretty decent beginning set of bed restraints. The cuffs are very soft and attach with velcro. The cuffs are pretty well sized and will fit even if you have larger wrists/ankles.I feel like it would be very possible to get out of the cuffs if you need to so safety is #1.The straps are big enough to go across at least a queen, not sure if they would fit a king, I dont have one.Everything comes in an discreet package and then in a very opaque black bag from the manufacturer so it isn't obvious what it is.

Albatross Jhones

It hits the spot!! !

OMG!! This thing is awesome!Not just for the back door so ladies this will work for you too.The vibrations are STRONG and the different modes are really nice.If you're looking for a toy to use on your man this one is perfect.The size is just right for beginners and wont be difficult to slide in.This is great for building him up to a massive explosion that will be more intense than you've probably ever seen him achieve before.Take you're time and when hes close back it down and wait about 30 seconds then get back at it. After 5 or 6 times of this you'll probably need a rain coat and safety glasses.

Her Slave

Awakening enjoyment!

 I have to admit as a beginner I was a little intimated at first by the size, however after trying it out I realized it was very pleasurable :)The wand is made of the softest material and is nicely flexabile. The many different vibrating settings are pleasurable while the extra "turbo" boost button is a very enjoyable surprise!! Make sure to use a good lube and remeber to relax and enjoy the ride

Alicia Riggan

Buy this one now!

 PurchaseI have tried many anal plugs and vibrators. This is the best yet. Varied, powerful vibrations with an intensity control to boot. The "orgasm" feature that shifts the vibrations to a top gear for a 10 second period is awesome. It has a skeletal structure that makes it very flexible. It retains it's shape once bent so that you can keep the pressure on just the right places! Love that it's rechargeable. No wires or batteries to deal with. Holds its charge well too.

K Josh

Good quality!

PurchaseI purchased some replacement rings for a couple bucks at a hardware store before the product arrived with plans to fix the feature spoken about in reviews. Even with the extra cost I appreciated the lower price of this product compared to other brands. However, the store-bought rings will not be needed, since it is sturdy as-is. It seems like the quality of this product has improved since negative comments were made. Highly recommended.


An Easy, Of Quality And Affordable Bondage Kit!

I’m relatively new to the scene of buying my own gear and toys since me and my ex split up (needless to say, the lot of our toys belonged to her), so I purchased these bondage restraints with a little.. Well, I will say that I had low expectations based on the price tag. I remember hearing the dollar amount of the under bed restraints that my ex had under our master bed and the set up was a pretty penny. Buying this product from Ultimi was originally intended so that I could learn how to sew together a set of under bed restraints of my own as a DIY project down the line.

Chris V.