Utimi Vacuum Milkpump for Female Breat Enlargement Unisex SM Toy in Small Size of Diameter of 1.1Inch 1.6inch 2.1inch 2.5inch

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This is a high-quality breast-sucking vacuum cup with strong sucking power made of non-poisonous ABS and plastic. Manual pumping is quite easy to operate. This four-piece product with various sizes and powerful sucking power can perfectly attach to female's breast and won't easily fall off. The transparent material can let you check the situation of skin inside to meet your visual need. Besides, it can be used for enlarging breasts as well as for stimulating the sensitive parts such as the vagina. Nice tool for couple's SM flirting.

Material: ABS&plastic
Diameter: 1.1 inches, 1.6 inches, 2.1 inches, 2.5 inches
Gender: female
Property: waterproof
Color: transparent